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Why TVNZ’s data management needed an overhaul and how we did it

ViFX TVNZ Case Study.pngData management has become a key issue for businesses of all sizes, especially as data continues to be generated on a massive scale.

Television New Zealand (TVNZ), New Zealand’s national broadcaster, has its data located across four locations so the infrastructure team plays an important role in ensuring data is managed and backed up for their online content platforms, databases, content systems and more. 

TVNZ's previous data management platform had capacity and stability issues, an inflexible licensing model and was both costly and difficult to manage.  Commvault was recommended, which stands out due to its ease of use, range of features and flexible licensing model alongside a positive global reputation and great positioning in the 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant.

As a successful Commvault partner, ViFX was recommended by the New Zealand Commvault team as experienced solution experts who would effectively design and implement the new solution.

After initial workshops to clearly understand TVNZ’s business and technical requirements, we presented a detailed design that would not only deliver on their current capacity and performance requirements, but also future-proof them for years to come.

“The workshop sessions with ViFX were great,” says Lisa Arthur, TVNZ Infrastructure and Systems Manager.

“They asked all the right questions, were flexible to work with our hardware preferences and the result was a design that we felt extremely confident in.”

The ViFX design focused on effectively managing data across four locations. It covered suggested hardware configurations required to build the platform, along with the Commvault configuration settings to be implemented.

The new Commvault platform was built and implemented over three months in a shared delivery model, whereby ViFX educated and enabled the TVNZ Infrastructure team to manage the platform after a full operational handover.

Since then the benefits have been significant with increased backup success and greater data visibility all contributing to a more productive and engaged infrastructure team.

If you are looking at your backup options and would like a similar, successful outcome like TVNZ please get in touch with me via LinkedIn or contact me directly via my email below.

View the Video Case study on the TVNZ implementation:

Shaun Webber

Author: Shaun Webber

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01 December 2016 / 0 Comments